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One Month - A List

So I took an unintentional blogging hiatus. Life happens y'all. Sorry about that.

Here's what's been going on:

1. We discovered the moose is part banshee.

Ooooeeeeeooooweeeeeooooo. He screams. Shrill-ley. The Sboam describes it like someone driving a drill into your skull. I describe it like "stop that. Stop that right now."

2. We started putting  the Fisch Stick down awake and letting him cry some.

And something miraculous happened...he went from being my most difficult infant to my easiest and happiest.

3. We visited Joel and Ashley and my little squishy Jack.

4. We went to Lubbock a couple times.

One of those times Kyle and the kids and the cousins and the siblings went to the pumpkin patch.

5. The Moose became obsessed with balloons.

My parents went to the balloon festival in New Mexico and have a slideshow playing of all of the pictures. Shep would sit and watch like it was the most fascinating movie he ever saw. And with each new slide and would squeal with delight.

6. We said goodbye.

7. I said hello.

8. There was bonding.

9. There were some dance parties.

10. And there was a tea party.

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