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Great Is Thy Surrender

A theme that I have noticed the Lord gracefully putting before me is "surrender". In fact, most questions I ask of Him right now, I am often answered with that word. And I don't get the impression he wants one thing. I think He's asking for it all. Everything. Not when I have the capacity, not just when I feel better. I'm getting the impression that this is the key to His presence in this season. In all seasons.

A couple Sundays ago, we were in Lubbock for church, and we sang "I Surrender All", immediately followed by "Great is Thy Faithfulness". It was very obvious to me that the one song answered the other's question of how? why? when? for real?

Look at this conversation:

What, Lord? What now?

All to me you surrender;
All to me freely give;
You to ever love and trust Me,
In My presence daily live.


Great is My faithfulness, I am your Father,
There is no shadow of turning with Me;
I change not, my compassions, they fail not
As I have been I forever will be.

I'm tired.

All to me you surrender;
I will make you wholly mine.
You will feel the Holy Spirit
And truly know that I am yours.

When? Where? What?

Summer and winter, and springtime and harvest,
Sun moon and stars and their courses above,
Join with all nature in manifest witness,
To My great faithfulness, mercy and love.

I'm empty.

All to me you surrender;
You give yourself to me.
I will fill you with My love and power,
I will let my blessing fall on you.


Pardon for sin and a peace that endures
My own dear presence to cheer and to guide;
Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow
Blessings all yours, with ten thousand beside.

You surrender all.
You surrender all.
All to me, you surrender, 
You surrender all.


Great is My faithfulness
Great is My faithfulness
Morning by morning new mercies I give;
All you have needed my hand has provided.
Great is My faithfulness, Me, unto you.

Isn't that a powerful display of the Lord's provision and power and a beautiful picture of his desire for intimacy with His people? With me? With you?


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  1. The Christian life in a nutshell -- or so it should be! So much easier to say "I surrender" than it is to do... Actually, that would be the easy path. Instead we fight very hard against the idea of surrender, and we often regret the decision to do so.

    Thanks for sharing the post!