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Dear Providence Church

Dear Providence,

Four and a half years ago, with an eight week old baby, a two year old marriage, and all of our hopes and dreams, Kyle and I moved away from home, joyfully following the Lord's direction for our future. The Lord's faithfulness and graciousness to provide us a new home so quickly is one of the biggest blessings I have ever experienced. That new home was Providence Church.

In the past years we have witnessed The Lord do miraculous things in our family and in our church family. We have built life-long friendships. We have learned what it really means to "give your life away". I have learned the true definition of community. I have learned and matured in my role as a wife and mom been taught well, through modeling and Biblical truths, what my responsibility in that role is. In the past four years I have undoubtedly walked through some of the hardest circumstances in my life, and because of the Lord's provision through Providence, I did not walk alone. I have laughed (a lot). I have cried (a lot). I have listened, I have learned. I have poured out, I have received.

And now, with a 6 year old marriage, a four year old, a 21 month old, and a 4 month old, we yet again are faced with the adventure of moving away from home. And again, we choose to walk in joyful obedience for the direction we feel The Lord is calling us to. Our excitement for the coming days in being apart of the Imago Dei church plant grows daily and we know that His provision will prevail in our future just as He has in our past.

So Providence, for the good times, we say, Amen! For the hard times, we say, Amen! For the Past, we say, Amen! And for the future, we say, Amen!

And to you sweet church, sweet family, we say,from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You.

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