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Gilmore Life Lesson #3001

Did you know baby moose can climb? Well apparently, my little moose can.

Let me set the stage.

On Saturday night after church we had some friends over for dinner. And while the men were enjoying some guy time outside, the ladies were inside discussing a plethora of topics. Not the least of which was when to move toddlers out of the crib and up to a toddler bed.

My friend was saying that her toddler was already trying to climb out of her crib. And I responded saying how thankful I was that my little moose hadn't even attempted to climb out yet because I didn't think he was ready yet (and I wasn't ready yet).

Did you feel that?

The shift in the space time continuum?

That thing that happens when a parent boldly makes a statement like that?

Y'all, I broke the rule.

So on Sunday morning, while the kids were in roomtime (which means the moose was playing in his crib and big sasster plays in the room), Kyle and I were talking in the other room. Out comes the Sasster from room time and while we were telling her that roomtime wasn't over yet we hear the unmistakable bang of the door to their room swinging open and hitting the wall. We both thought it was the dog or cat coming out of their room, but no, it wasn't. Out comes the little moose running with all the pride his little body could hold. Beaming from ear to ear he ran out to us and said "Daddy!".

I immediately saw my error flashing through my head and my words "he hasn't even tried to climb out yet" began playing over and over in my head.

We did the next logical thing in this situation and asked the Sasster, "What happened? Did he climb out while you were still in the room with him?"

Her response: "No. I just showed him how though."

............ (speechless. just speechless)


Luckily, I had a solution to this problem thanks to Gilmore Girls. If you'll recall in Season 5, Lorelai goes over to help Christopher whose girlfriend has just left him and their 18month old (ish) daughter GiGi behind. Lorelai gets to his apartment to find his apartment a complete disaster. He hadn't showered in a while and Gigi wouldn't stop crying. Chris tells Lorelai that she won't sleep because every time he puts her in her crib she tries to climb out. Lorelai promptly walks over to the crib and get this: she turns it around so the short front side of the crib is against the wall and the taller back side of the crib is facing out, making it impossible to climb out of.


Take that Sassy Pants! Bwahahahaha. You'll have to do better than that!

(uh oh....did you feel that?)

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