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The Cheez-It Story

After a wonderful first meeting to launch our new small group with Imago Dei, I took The Moose into his and Sasster's room to change him and get him ready for bed. As I was changing him, I started to smell something burning. You know that smell? The smell that is not just the heater turning on but smells like something is about to catch fire.

I called out to the SBOAM and said, "Baby, it smells like something is burning in here..."

"What could be burning?" he responded.

On his way in to check it out, the Sasster peeks over the top of her lamp (that she had turned on earlier) and says really quick and staccato like... "uh-oh!" and then she ran away.

My hands are still busy changing the Moose so I couldn't respond immediately but my Studly Beast of a Man arrived just in the nick of time. He peered over the lamp and said "Oh MY!" as he pulled a burning cheez-it off of the lamp!

"Laura Kate! Did you see Shepherd throw that cheez it on the lamp?" I asked.

"No" she responded, "I just did!"

I finished changing Shepherd and put him in his bed and promptly removed the lamp from the room. Because you don't get to have lamp privileges when you fry cheez-its on it.

Last night I received this text message from a friend:

Yes. Yes in fact we would like an easy bake oven. Apparently we need one.