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The Great Wall Of Mama

You've probably heard of this Great Wall before....

A few of you have probably heard of this Great Wall before... (May it rest in peace)

Well I'm about to introduce to you the Great Wall of Mama.

But before I do, I need to back up a little bit. Remember this post? The one about a year ago when The Sasster invaded the Moose's room? How beautiful and cute and awesome it was?

Well, we've run into a couple snafoos with these two scouts sharing a room:

#1: Little Sassy Pants likes to wake up at 6:00 in the am. And while I'm sure this will serve her well as the First Lady, it does not serve her little brother well at all. He prefers to sleep till 8:00 or a little later even but because his crib was by the door, he would often fall victim to his sasster's morning exuberance.

#2: While the pictures from that post made the room look organized and awesome, I don't think it ever quite looked like the pictures again. It wasn't as "user friendly" as I intended it to be and given that the "user" was a kid, the room was a disaster most of the time. And guess who ended up cleaning their room most of the time? (If you guessed the 4 year old, you are wrong).

So we started praying through and thinking through options. I did not think it was an option for Fischer to share yet. His schedule just doesn't quite line up with the other two. We don't have another bed room.

So we came up with The Great Wall of Mama....(enter Super Mario Level Victory Music Here)

view from the door

still from the door
(also this is one of those 3D pictures...if you squint your eyes and look at it long enough you will see a dancing sasster)

View from closet door

The corner by the closet

The wall above LK's bed

There are still a few little things here and there that I want to do, but OH the organization! The best part is, this is much more user friendly for the kids to help pick up! Shep has slept longer for naps and in the mornings. Now they get the best of both worlds, their own space while still sharing a room!

Here's to hoping it lasts! Cheers!

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