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Dear Fischer (Six Months)

Dear Fischer,

As I held you while you slept and listened to you sleep, with your cold-induced stuffy-nosed breathing, I thanked Jesus over and over for your little breaths, for you 21lb body, for your sweet smiles, for your giggles, for your health, for the way you sleep all night, for your watchful eye, and tender personality. I am reminded daily through you that children are a reward and a blessing. I find great joy and delight in being your mommy.

- you weigh 20lbs 13oz and are 27.3 inches tall!! (Yes friends, you read that right....almost 21 lbs!)
- you wear 9 month and 12 month clothes and still size 2 shoes
- you wear size 3 diapers
- you have started eating some fruits and veggies and yogurt
- you roll over both ways
- still not super excited about sitting up on your own
- you love to jump in your jumperoo
- you take a great morning and afternoon nap and still hang on to a 45 minute evening nap
- we dedicated you to the Lord at our church and had a wonderful weekend with Grammy and Papa
- you survived your first cold

We love you dearly, sweet Fischer!


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