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Why I Havn't Blogged In Almost Two Weeks (A List)

Hi. My name is the Mama. It has been twelve days since my last blog post.

Here's why:

1. Last week, we were all sick with a cold.

First Shepherd.

Then Fischer.


Then the Mama.

And lastly the Sasster.

2. The saddest was my little Fisch Stick. Poor thing. I took him to the doctor twice for the same stuffy cold. Only to be told the same schpeel I have been told every time I have ever taken any baby to the doctor for a cold. I could recite it in my sleep: suction and saline, baby vicks on feet, cool mist humidifier, elevate the mattress, eucalyptus bath, comfort nurse, and lots of snuggles and prayer. Still, I took him in twice. Peace of mind people. Peace. Of. Mind.

3. My little moose was pretty pathetic too. Lots of snuggle time. Lots of fits. Lots of waking in the night. Poor thing.

4. Luckily it does seem that the bigger the body, the less traumatic the cold. Not always the case, but it was this time.

5. Y'all remember my beautiful laundry plan? It has been working fabulously....up until the week of the sickness. I am not caught up. I am really far behind. Hoping to get back on track this weekend.

6. My favorite mommy holiday happened. V-day. It was epic. (Separate post to follow).

7. Boot Camp. I joined a gym y'all. And started going to the Boot Camp class. OOOOoooooOOOOiiiiioooiiiieeeeeeeeee y'all! oo! I am one sore mama!

A local church here in McKinney has a fitness center open to the community for $30 a quarter ($10/month) for full access to their facility during their open hours, free classes, and get this...free childcare for the bootcamp class that is held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. So I've decided to try it. I've been going for two weeks and I am really enjoying it. My goal is not to gain weight (although that would be awesome), but I'm hoping it will help me sleep better at night and help my have more energy during the day. Working so far. And also working to remind me how out of shape I am. :-)

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