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Dear Shepherd (Two Years)

Dear Shepherd,

You've got this really great, from the gut, laugh right now. Every time I hear it I cannot help but laugh along with you. It's like this contagious joy that wells up inside of you and spreads to everyone who is near. I know you don't realize right now what a treasure that is, but I think I am starting to. Because that's the kind of Mom I want to be: contagiously joyful. It's the kind of friend I want to be, the kind of wife I want to be, the kind of Christian I want to be....so joyful it's contagious. It's what I want for you too. I beg Jesus to save you. To woo you to Himself with his own contagious joy.

- You weigh 28 lbs (63%) and are 35.3 inches tall (72%). Dr. G estimates you will be 5'10''-5'11'' tall when you grow up!

- You wear size 24 month/2T clothes, size 5 diapers, and size 7 Toddler shoes

- You take one 2+ hour nap every day and sleep 12 hours at night.

- Your eating has drastically improved. We have discovered that you love spicy food. Mexican and BBQ especially.

- You still love balloons most of all, but your fixation has decreased some

- You love to play with cars and trains and planes

- You are quite the little dancing machine. I mean really. No one can "drop it like its hot" quite like you.

- You love to throw balls and have quite an arm.

-You still adore your daddy, but you and I have bonded a lot these past couple months

- Your vocabulary has increased so much that I stopped writing down all of the new words you say because I can't keep track anymore. My current favorites are: "yee-haw", "tick-tock", "love you", "turtle", and "amen!"

- You love your sister and love to play with her when she doesn't take your toys away from you. You can now identify her and say "sister"

- You love Fischer too. Sometimes when I lay him on the ground to play you say "awwwwwww" and give him a kiss. He adores you and watches every move you make.

- We had a really fun Birthday Party at the aquarium! Mommy had originally planned to take you to the zoo, but due to sick siblings we had to come up with a different plan. Daddy, Mommy, you, Sasster, brother, and Miss Fun Jen all went and saw the fishies with you. You were so excited....you just kept walking around clapping and saying "yay!!!" I made you a homemade zebra cake and we pretended it was for the zebra sharks they have at the aquarium. It tasted yummy! Daddy made you chocolate chip pancakes for a special birthday breakfast.  Mommy and Daddy gave you a big boy pillow (Mommy made the pillowcase from your bumper pad when you were a baby), a special toy train that daddy found in Canada, a Lightning McQueen throw pillow, and a toy "Percy" train. Your PawPaw and Mimi sent you an awesome set of blocks that you especially love to play with and a special card that had your picture on it!

- On Sunday we had a special surprise lunch with Grammy and Papa and G-G and Great Grandaddy. Grammy and Papa gave you a Lightning McQueen car ramp, some awesome clothes, and money to go towards your big boy bed! You loved seeing them, especially your Papa!

Shepherd, you are a blessing that I treasure everyday! I love watching you grow!


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