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Girl Talk

Today was picture day at school for the Sasster. I was fixing her hair in my bathroom and I accidentally stumbled across one of those minefield conversations without meaning to. It went something like this....

"Are you excited about school today?"

"Yes! I'm excited to see my friend Macy."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. And my friends Sam and Deacon."

"Boys are silly friends, huh? Like your brothers?"

"Yeah. But my favorite boy is Charles."

"Oh really? Why?"

"Well, because I like him."

(......??????!!!!!! You're four!!! too young to have this conversation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

calmly... "you mean he's a good friend?"

"yeah. Because I just really like him."


"Why do you like him?"

"Well, because he's cute to look at."




"Does he like you too?"

"Well, he didn't say that. But he thinks I'm cute because God made me cute."

(I die.)

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