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Ten Things You May Not Know (Or Care To Know) About Me

1. I smell books.

Pretty much every book I read I will smell. I literally open the book, stick my nose in the middle of it and take a whiff. I have been known to not read a book because it doesn't smell good. The best smell is always the smell of a new Bible.

2. On my first day of high school, I fell going up the stairs.

Yes, up.  Not down.

3. When I was pregnant with Laura Kate, I was worried she may not have ears.

Seriously. I never saw them on a sono and she never really responded to noises in my belly that I could tell. In fact, while the nurse was cleaning her and Kyle was talking to her after she was born, I called out to him, "does she have ears??!!" I am happy to report that not only does she have ears but she has excellent hearing (when she chooses to.).

4. I really prefer the 3rd stall in a bathroom.

Not the first and certainly not the second, but the third. I know I'm weird. It gets worse when you hear the reason. As a child, I remember seeing a clip of a movie where someone put a bomb in the toilet of a bathroom and it was the second stall and the whole bathroom blew up. I don't want to be responsible for the flush that blows the whole bathroom up, nor do I want my hiney blown off.

And in case you are wondering, I start counting by the first stall I come to. If there are two rows, I go to the third stall on the left. If there aren't three stalls I try the first or fifth, just seems like odd numbers are better. If the third stall is dirty and the first and fifth unavailable, I will use the second and squeeze my eyes tight when I flush.

5. I chew gum to the rhythm of my blinker in my car.

6. I got bitten by a spider in Indonesia and had to go to the hospital in Singapore and ride around in a wheelchair down the streets of Hong Kong.

7. I'm afraid of heights.

8. I belt out to Mariah Carey and Celine Dion in the car sometimes when I am driving. You'll always be my baby.

9. I color-code the months of the year in my head and when we come to a new month, I mentally switch the color in my head.

10. I will go out of my way to step on crunchy leaves when walking.

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