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Dear Fischer (7-8 Months)

Dear Fischer,

You are eight months old and growing every day before my very eyes. Literally every time I look at you, you get bigger. Such a good reminder that the Lord is the one orchestrating your days, your growth and development. I love watching your personality develop. I find so much delight in being your mommy and the Lord is so good to graciously remind me that the feeling I get with you, that deep down gut love you would die for you kind of love, is exactly how he feels about me. I continue to pray little one, that He would call you to himself that you follow him all of your days. That you would KNOW him.

- I think you weigh somewhere between 21-22lbs. and are as tall as a baby giraffe.
-You wear size 4 diapers, 12 month clothes, size 2-3 shoes
- We have just dropped your moonlight feeding and you now sleep from 7:00pm till 7:30am (12.5 hours!!)
- Still nap 1.5 -2 hrs in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon
- Your first tooth popped through on Easter morning. Mommy is so glad since we've been working on that one tooth for four months now.
- You are sitting fairly well but I still put pillows around you in case you topple over.
- You have not crawled one inch but I can tell you are getting frustrated with not being able to move.
- You have officially had enough of the baby swing and are pretty quickly losing interest with the jumperoo
- You growl. And by growl I mean, a grizzly bear growl. It is your chosen method of communication. Happy, sad, glad, mad, hungry, tired. If necessary you will resort to babbling or crying. You get a lot of funny giggles and looks.
- You had your first "room-time" in your bed and did awesome!! 

I love you, little man!


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