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Dear Laura Kate (5 Years, Pre-K Graduation, and Dance Recital)

Dear Laura Kate,

I remember when I was pregnant with you and having to learn the hard truth that you are not mine, but you belong to the Lord. And all five years of your life I have struggled to try and take you as mine instead of trusting you with Him. He is faithful to gracefully remind me that you belong to Him and that He is creating a beautiful work in you. So as the calendar pages turned and you turned five and I started thinking about you starting kindergarten and you growing up to be the queen of the world and my heart started beating fast and flashes of your sweet newborn cheeks flashed across my mind and memories of your first steps and sounds of your giggles and squeals of delight ran through my ears and the clock kept speeding by and tears rolled down my cheeks....and again the Lord's sweet voice pierced my heart and reminded me yet again: she's. mine. Oh yeah. You are His. And He made you. And He loves you far more than I could ever fathom. Oh. Yeah.

There are many things you are afraid of right now: hair dryers, fire alarms, hair brushing, new foods, automatic toilet flushers, spiders, the occasional house fly...pretty much anything new. My biggest prayers for you as you grow are that the Lord would grow you into a woman much like the Proverbs 31 woman. The Bible says that she was not afraid and that she laughed at the days to come. So my little  princess ballerina, I am praying that the Lord would miraculously transform your heart to fear nothing but Him. 

- We will know how much you weigh and how tall you are in a couple weeks when we go for your 5 yr. well check
- You wear size 5T in clothes and size 9.5 in shoes. 
- You still amazingly take a nap 50% of the time.
- You sleep 10-11 hours most nights
- You love to read and have started reading your first chapter books (yes, really)
- You love to play doctor and hospital
- You love to dance and sing
- One of your favorite things is to play outside
- You help mommy by feeding Fischer his breakfast in the morning
- Most of the time you like to play with Shepherd

You will always be my first baby and I am so thankful that the Lord saw fit to trust you to me and your daddy. You are so loved, little one. And I can't wait to laugh at the days to come with you!


Fifth Birthday Party
For your fifth birthday, we had a rainbow art party. We invited a few friends over and Grammy and G-G came into town for the weekend. We made rainbow cakes in jars, rainbow fruit-kabobs, and rainbow flavored water. We painted on canvases and opened presents. It was so fun and you loved it!

Pre-K Graduation

Dance Recital

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  1. Lovely photos of one lovely little girl. Your hopes and dreams for her are the best there can be, Carrie!