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Church Chasing Mama and Carpet Burns

I was remembering tonight a (now) funny story that happened a little less than a year ago. I can't remember if I've told you or not but I'll re-tell it anyway even if I have....

It was right after Fischer was born and we were at some church function at night. I was holding Fischer and talking to some friends, Kyle was around the corner when suddenly I looked up and saw Laura Kate having a "moment" with her brother.

You might remember that this is in the season where the Sasster was acting out a little bit after Fisch Stick's crazy birth. She was throwing some record-breaking sassy attitude and pushing my buttons any chance she could.(You might remember this post).

So there I was, looking down the long corridor of our church and at the very other end, at least 20 football fields away, I see Laura Kate grabbing ahold of  Shepherd's shirt, dragging him across the carpet on his tummy while he is wailing and crying (probably from the carpet burns nonetheless).

I immediately started running, Fisch tucked under my left arm, my right arm pumping to try and get there faster that my post-partum body would carry me, all the while and yelling as loud as I could as I closed the gap across the 50 football fields, "LAURA KATE WILEY!! LET GO RIGHT NOW! I MEAN IT! STOP RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! LET GO OF YOUR BROTHER RIGHT NOW!"

I've always wanted to be one of those mamas who takes everything in stride and peacefully handles each parenting adventure with a grace-filled voice and a choose-joy-in-every-circumstance kind of attitude..... heh, maybe one day. It's good to have goals.

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  1. Sometimes, those moments of "not-so-mommy" are inevitable. Kids will push our buttons!
    Blessings, Carrie!