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Crying Over Spilled Water (And Milk) (And Dogfood)

While Steady has been out of town my boys have not been sleeping well. I think the monkey is teething and so he wakes up and then wakes his brother up and then I have two very clingy sappy unhappy boys. Needless to say after being awake at 10:00pm, 1:00 am, and 4:00 am, I was so tired I couldn't open my eyes more than a sliver.

Until the Moose closed himself in the laundry room, that is.

I started to hear splashing and squeals of delight so I ran and opened the door and found that he had decided to create his own personal splash pad by spilling about a gallon of dog water completely flooding the laundry room. He. Was. Soaked.

So I grabbed him up ran through the house (dripping along the way), got him in dry clothes and went on a search for some old towels.

Until I saw that the Monkey had found out about the newest splash pad in the laundry room.

Oh, was he having fun, splashing and splashing. I moved him out of the way, laid towels down covering the floor and went and changed him into his set of clean clothes and headed back to the laundry room.

Until I was intercepted by the chocolate milk that the Moose had spilled all in front of the piano on my parents wood floor.

I, with a gentle spirit and tender words, threw them in their room for room time and finished up.

And yall, that wasn't even the worst of day....

The day continued when the Monkey found Sookie's dog food and threw it up in the air like confetti at a New Years Eve party. Oh the delight.

And then after I came back from running errands, I had a few things to do, so I put the boys in room time for about 20 minutes. And I was working on a few things.....

Until I heard splashing coming from the adjoining bathroom to the boys room. I had forgotten to lock the door.

I went in and found that the Moose had poured out the goldfish crackers I had given him as a snack and used the bowl they were in to scoop all of the water out of the toilet onto the floor of the bathroom and onto the goldfish on the carpet in his room.

I went to get my camera (its either laugh or cry at this point people) and as I pushed the camera button, the kid reaches into the toilet and pulls out the apple tv remote from the toilet (wearing a red sparkly 1930s Granny church hat nonetheless)

This is about as real as it gets, y'all. I'm gonna need some prayer.

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  1. Oh, Lord, Carrie! Prayers for you, for sure!
    Just remember - this, too, shall pass.
    Keep on keepin' on!