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Three Reasons To Watch Your Wedding Video More Than Once A Year

I had a sweet friend message me today to ask me a question about my wedding ceremony. (We did a few things differently than the traditional ceremony. If you’re interested, you can read about that here.) It put me in the mood to watch my wedding video and I am so glad I did. Every time I watch it I remember some really important things.

1. To remind you of who Christ is.
Whether you intended it that way at the time or not, your wedding is worship. And more than that, it is a picture of the Gospel and of the relationship between Jesus Christ and His Bride, the Church. Rarely, have I been to a wedding where I did not tear up because of the symbolism displayed in as much radiance on this side of Heaven.
It is good to remember and see the picture that one day Jesus is coming back to be united with his Bride.
2. To remind you of who you are to each other.
It is good to remember your vows. Not just on an anniversary, or not just during a difficult time in your marriage, but in the day-to-day. To remember the covenant you made before God and witnesses.
It is good to remember how you felt that day! Excited (I couldn’t stop smiling), scared out of your mind, so gushingly in love that you don’t really pay attention to the rehearsal and almost forget what you are supposed to do and say and have to ask for a refresher (no? just me?).
3. To remind you of who you are not. 
It is good to remember that we are NOT Jesus. We are not perfect yet.
I don’t know about you, but it is good for me to watch my wedding video to see a few awkward moments (maybe only to me) that didn’t go quite how I’d planned. Like the way I miscommunicated with my musician and my friend helping send the children down the aisle and there was 5 whole minutes of waiting. Or my bridesmaid who almost passed out in the ceremony. Or the way that somehow our kiss ended up lasting waaaay longer than we intended (oops).
So how long has it been since you’ve watched your wedding video? Maybe it’s time for a few reminders. (Don’t have a wedding video? Bet you do in your head and in your memories and pictures!)

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