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Nobody Tells You About The Second Day Of School

…when everyone is cranky and tired from the emotional hype of the first day
…when 6 o’clock is a lot uglier to you than it was the day before
…when you can’t find the right hair clip, because you didn’t lay it out with her clothes the night before
…when you are almost TARDY (gasp) because the excitement of “walking to school” isn’t quite the same and a little someone drags her feet at a much slower pace
…when you get home from dropping her off and you cry because you realize you forgot to pack a plastic spoon with her applesauce and now she will have to ask her teacher for one from the cafeteria
…when you feel all out of sorts in your day because the schedules and routines you’ve just spent the last 5 years cultivating is now more scrambled that that morning’s eggs
…when you still miss her a lot in your daily routine
…when you go to pick her up and for 5 blissful minutes she tells you about her day and then completely melts down when you tell her you forgot to put her favorite stuffed animal in the stroller because you hurriedly woke her brothers up from their nap in order to make it to the school on time so she wouldn’t have to sit their for one minute and wonder where her mommy was
…and when she melts down when you get home because she was still so sad that she didn’t get macaroni in her lunch box….
…when at dinner you almost fall asleep face down in your dinner because you are so tired and she still has the energy for 5 more dances, songs, and meltdowns before dinner is over
BUT, No one also tells you about…
…how much more excited she is about her class because she already knows where things are
…how she already has homework but is eager to get home and work on it
…how much better she sleeps at night
…how the saddest thing that happened in her day was that she didn’t get to use the pink scissors
…how she gets to go to playground every day and “did you know that they have monkey bars??”
…how she got to go to art and meet her really amazing art teacher
…how her second day of school outfit was really just as cute at the first day
…and how the best feeling in the world is when she runs into your arms and says “the second day was EVEN BETTER than the first. I love school.”
Yeah, Nobody told me.

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