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Tales From Kindergarten: PeePee The Dog

Sasster Says

(*If you don’t find any humor in Kindergarten poop stories, this post isn’t for you)
I picked her up from school one day last week, and as I was holding her hand walking back to our car, she confesses to me: “Mommy, I had to sit out for 5 minutes during recess today, but it’s ok, I sat still on the bench and then it was ok, and then I went and played, and I’m so sorry Mommy and it’s ok now.”
“Why did you have to sit out of recess?”
“Well….I don’t really remember, but it’s ok now.”
“Sassy Pants Wiley. What happened that you got in trouble for?”
“Well, it might maybe have something to do with me talking about PeePee to my friends.”
…. deep breath…  “What is Pee Pee?”
“Oh, Pee Pee is my imaginary dog. He’s fiction. And he threw up on my rug.”
“Your imaginary rug?”
“No, my real rug.”
“Your imaginary dog named PeePee threw up on your real rug and you were telling your friends about it and that’s why you had to sit out for 5 minutes at recess?”
“I don’t know…maybe!”
“Why is he named PeePee?”
“Because PeePee is a kind of poopoo and my dog is that same color, so I named him PeePee”.
The next day, I talked to her teacher after school and told her I knew about LK having to sit out of recess because of  PeePee.
Her teacher says: “Who is PeePee?”

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