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5 Disposable Things Worth Spending Money On


In today’s world, a lot of people are cutting corners and trying to live meagerly and on a budget. And I’m pretty willing to try anything to help us find breathing room in our budget. And I have tried a lot of things. But I have found some things that in the Wiley household are worth spending money on.
1. Diapers. Here’s the thing, y’all. I have no problemo with the concept of cloth diapers. The whole idea is just a lot more cute and snuggly that plastic on a baby’s bottom. And it can save a ton of money. (Just ask my friend Rebekah.) And it saves the environment. And I’ve never actually tried cloth diapers myself. What it comes down to for me is this one little piece of philosophy that I live by: If laundry is your arch nemesis, you don’t feed it steroids. Amen?
2. Baby Wipes. Read reason above.  (Also, we use wipes on way more than just bottoms.)
3. Paper Plates. I went through a phase where I purposefully did not buy paper plates and just tried to use the sturdy plastic plates and wash them after every meal so they’d be ready to use again for the next meal. It wasn’t very successful. So I bought a pack of paper plates to see what a difference it would make in my sanity. Difference made. The end. (Helpful tip I picked up recently: Buy coffee filters to serve dry snacks in like goldfish and dry cereal. Cheap and disposable.)
4. Name brand toilet paper. This should probably go without saying. But I’ll say it anyway. Considering the amount of times you use this product in a day, its worth spending a little bit of money on. (And soapbox moment: can we just all be mad at the TP companies of America? Everyone has to have toilet paper. Everyone in America anyway, right? (I know not one person in America who has a bidet in their home. ) Therefore the TP companies can charge whatever they want because we all have to buy it. Including themselves, right? I guess maybe they get an employee discount? Maybe we should all apply for jobs with Cottonelle.)
5. Paper Towels. Tried going without these for a little while too. Just not worth it. Again, the laundry thing. More stinky rags to wash.
What disposable things are worth the moolah in your home??

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