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LK Lost Her Third Tooth

Laura Kate lost her third tooth the other day. IMG_5317.JPG

Praise. The. Lord. It happened while Kyle was home.
If you have known me for any length of time, you probably know that I can’t handle teeth. Gives me great anxiety. So much so that I discussed it in pre-marital counseling and I don’t sleep the night before dentist appointments. I’ve had multiple nightmares of having to get dentures. It ranks somewhere above all-red Christmas lights and right below finger-nails on a chalkboard.
I wholeheartedly and completely blame the movie Castaway. (Ok… And maybe the 5 oral surgeries I’ve endured and the 4 years in braces…) Friends don’t let friends watch Castaway.
Anyway, the first two teeth he didn’t make it home from work in time for. So I had to manage and I persevered like a hyperventilating champ and survived nonetheless.
This time, not only happened when Kyle was home, but while I was napping!! She tried to come in and show me and thankfully, Kyle even rescued me from that!!
Way to go LK! And praise the Lord for my studly beast of a man.

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