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Archer, 30-31 Weeks

Dear Archer Leigh,
Your first blog letter!! At 30.5 weeks along... Yeah, you're the fourth baby. Know it has nothing to do with how much I love you and everything to do with my capacity.
We are both growing!!
You weigh over three pounds now and mommy weighs... Well, a lot more than three pounds.
We have been a busy little family getting your "nursery" set up in the corner of Mommy and Daddy's room. This is mainly because of space, but also to protect you so your siblings (mainly your brothers) do not accidentally kill you with their, ahem, love. (Pictures of your corner to come soon when we are finished!)
Mommy has also been in full-force nesting. Daddy is being so patient. And I am having to be so patient too. I have now learned by this pregnancy not to believe everything my brain tells me and have completely consented to not climb on chairs or other various objects just to get one little thing down.
We are having lots of Braxton Hicks and even more heartburn.
Your Big Sasster is getting so excited to meet you! You will adore her. She will read to you and tell you some amazing stories... Some of them will even be true!
Your Big Brother Shepherd is maybe the most excited of all. He asks about you all the time and loves to feel you move in my tummy.
Fischer, well Fischer knows where you are right now and is generally very sweet to any babies he comes in contact with. He will love to give you kisses!
Your studly beast of a daddy is pretty pumped to have 3 boys. Oh the adventures he will take you on! You love to kick his hand when he talks to you!
You are so loved already, Archer Leigh Wiley! Hoping these 10 weeks fly by!!!
Archer- 30 Weeks
Fischer - 30 Weeks
Shepherd - 31 Weeks
Laura Kate - 30 Weeks

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