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Archer, 35 Weeks

Dear Archer,
5ish weeks left little man!!! We can so do this!
At your 33 week sono, you weighed 5.3lbs and everything looked perfect. You are right on track to be the size of a Wiley baby if you deliver around the time that your siblings did. (LK at 40.4 weeks: 7lbs 11oz//Shep at 39.6 weeks: 7lbs 9oz// Fisch at 40.4 weeks 7lbs 12oz). You are still moving so much and contorting my tummy in all kind of fun ways.
Mommy is trying to enjoy my favorite parts of being pregnant (which is really only 1 thing: feeling you move) and be thankful this is (hopefully) the last time to endure the rest :). I'm still nesting and trying to get things around the house in order which is extremely difficult due to my size, thank you very much, and the three little hurricanes who live here. I still have unbelievable heartburn, particularly at night, which I am still hoping to mean you are going to have Shepherd hair :). I started thinking about what things to pack for the hospital.
Daddy is the best helper. He keeps me laughing and helps me not be quite so ridiculous all the time. He helps me so much with things around the house and gives me so much grace for the things that just don't happen in the days.
Your siblings... oh boy. Are they starting to sense big change coming. I've lost track of how many times Shepherd has asked if you have come out yet, and your Big Sasster is starting to prepare her emotions in her own ways for your arrival. Fischer still really has no clue except that he is a little extra clingy and he is frustrated that my lap space is considerably smaller right now.
We are getting so excited to meet you and hold you!!!

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