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Archer, 37 Weeks And What I'm Packing For the Hospital

Dear Archer,
Well Buddy, we made it to 37 weeks! When I was pregnant with your Sasster, this would have been considered "full term". Now it's just "early term" till 39 weeks. It was still be ok by me if you were a little early!
We went and saw Dr. Pierce today. Your brothers came with me which was always an experience.
We are measuring right at 37 weeks which means your fluid is good. I have kept decent weight gain this pregnancy which a little surprising considering I just eat what sounds good.
Oh my goodness the heartburn, though. I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night because it was so bad. It is so much worse with you than any other of your siblings. Maybe you're going to have a lot of hair!!!
Overall, I feel pretty good at this point, all things considered. More sleep would be really nice.
We are all getting so ready to meet you!! We are checking things off the list right and left!
Here's what we are packing for the hospital. (Warning readers: not censored... You don't have to read it... It's more for me anyway!)
- Hair ties and bobby pins
- Chapstick
- Book
- Pillow
- Comfy socks
- Phone
- Ipad
- Chargers
- Thank you gift for nurses
- Makeup bag
- Purse (insurance information)
- Woombie
- Swaddle blankets
- 2 sleeper gowns/2 onesies
- Pacies
- 2 burp rags
- Car seat
- Hats
- Mittens/socks
- Going home outfit
- Comfy clothes/PJs
- Nursing Bra/ pads
- Boppy Pillow
- Nursing cover
- Undies/pads
- Flip flops
- Snacks
- Toiletries
- Kyle's pillow
- Change of clothes for Kyle
3(ish) more weeks!!

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