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Fischer's Lip Surgery

Fischer had to have surgery today to remove a mucus seal from his lip. A mucus seal is a little blister like bump in the mouth that is blocking or clogging the saliva duct. They are very common and children and adults get them frequently.  The procedure itself is very minor, but because of his age we had to have it at the Surgicenter and he had to have general anesthesia. 

This is the first time any of my babies have ever had to have anything close to this serious. I was a little anxious but overall handled it ok, I think. 

Kyle stayed home with the other 3, and Fischer and I checked in this morning at 6:30. 

You can see here the mucus seal on his lip. 

Fischer cried when I handed him off to the nurse at the surgery door which was not fun at all for me. The nurse showed me to a small consult room where I waited for about 25 minutes. The doctor came in and told me that everything went well and that when he was more alert the nurse would come and get me. 

About 10 more minutes after that, the nurse from his surgery came and got me and took me to his bed in recovery. 

He was asleep when I got there and the recovery nurse told me she had given him a little pain medicine when he woke up that made him a little sleepy. She said when he did wake up that we would see how he handled some juice or a popcicle and then we could take his IV out and head home. 

When he woke up, he was very upset, mainly about the IV. His lip was also numb and felt funny so he kept trying to bite it and touch it. It took a about 20 minutes to convince him to calm down and try a popcicle. Grape popsicles make the world go round, I tell ya, and they sure help sore lips feel better!

After that we headed home and he is doing Farley well. He says it hurts and he is pretty cranky, but overall handling things really well. Pray for him for the next few days that he would heal fast!

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