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Bama Bound... Road Trippin

After many, many road trips through the years with our kids, we have learned that what works best for us is to leave very early in the morning and arrive early. (As opposed to leaving late and arriving late).

(Kids watching a DVD in the car)

We also have learned to cater to the nursing baby. We want to leave right after a feeding instead of having to wake baby up only to have to stop an hour into the trip. This is also one time that I will go longer between feedings if he will just to get farther down the road. This trip though, it turned out that we needed to stop every three hours anyway, so things worked out perfectly for his schedule. 

Archer is still waking up in the middle of the night for a feeding. So after he woke up at 3:30, we finished loading the car and got the scouts loaded and hit the road about 4:15. 

The Mississippi Bridge

We stopped for breakfast around 7:00 at McDonald's. Kyle took the big kids in to eat while I nursed Archer in the car. Same story for lunch at Chick fil A. Then I came inside and ate a little bite too. It was also good to let the kids play and have a break from the drive. 

We made really good time and arrived at 3:45. Less than 12 hours including stops! Not bad! I love getting there early enough to settle in and relax and be able to eat dinner and get the kids in bed at their bedtime! 

We are so excited to be here and love on our Grammy and Papa!!!

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