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Packing For Vacation For Four Kids

Through the years, I have honed my packing skills when it comes to the scouts, specifically. After some trial and error with searching for ideas, here's what I think is the best packing ideas yet when traveling with multiple children. 

-After selecting clothes for each day for each child, I put each kids entire outfit (head to toe) in a gallon ziplock. I labelled each bag with a name and the day of the week and plan on reusing the bags

- I sorted the bags by day and put each day's bags in a plastic grocery sack and then put them in the suitcase. 

- You'll notice that I also packed a closet organizer in the mesh pocket. This was to hang up when we arrived. When I unpacked, I took out the bags for the first 5 days (and I'll restock as the week goes on). 

The reason this works so well for me is that it takes the guess work out of what to wear each day. This way, I already know and I can just hand a bag to each kid (or can grab one to help the boys) to get dressed. It's more work up front before we leave, but allows me to KNOW that I have everything I need for each kid for every day. 

So far it seems to be working well! 

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