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The Big Bama Move

Well, we did it. We actually did it. We packed up all 7 years of life into color coordinated boxes, we said "see you later" to 7 years of deep relationships, and we said goodbye to a chapter in our lives that we will never forget. The chapter where we brought three tiny boys home from the hospital. The place where we walked in some deep trenches and the times that we were brought to our knees by the Lord's overwhelming blessings. 

It was so much harder than I expected it to be. I thought it might do me in. I can't tell you how many times I questioned the Lord if this was right. And I can't tell you how many times He has reiterated our "Yes". 

After weeks of packing, house prepping, selling, buying, and closing, it feels very surreal to actually be in this next chapter. I am slowly starting to let down from the stress. I still feel sad and miss my friends.... I imagine that will just happen for a little while. I'm still battling some anxiety... which I know is a spiritual battle too. But I find myself having moments of pure excitement in knowing that this next season is NEW and the Lord is doing a fresh work. Would you pray with me for this new thing? 

My kids are handling things really well considering all the change that has happened in their little worlds. They are definitely needing some routines. I've considered this week our freebie week and plan on working towards a general Summer routine next week. 

We could not have made it through without the help of our unbelievable friends. From keeping my babies, to helping pack and load (not minor tasks),to braving the 4 scouts on a 12 hour road trip as well as my erratic emotions (Fun Jen is amazing!!), to helping us unload and for having my  new house clean with new shelf paper and chocolate oatmeal cookies waiting on me, the Lord so clearly showed me how He provides through His people. Thank you to everyone for all of your love and support. 

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  1. Moving is so stressful in and of itself, and I can't begin to imagine how tough it was with four (might I add 'darling') kids. My hat's off to you and the gang! Wishing you every blessing in your new home.

    1. Yes! It was nuts. Things are finally starting to settle in now :).