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Dear Archer (6 Months)

Dear Archer,

It is so hard to believe you have been in this world for half of a year!!! Throughout so much change and so many new things, you have been one of my favorite things. The Lord has used my time with you to provide much needed breaks and sweet quiet moments in my day. In the past month you have grown leaps and bounds and have really settled into a good routine.

- You weigh 20.5 pounds
- You have almost outgrown 6-9 month clothes
- You wear size 3 diapers
- You are on about a 3 and half hour eating schedule. Some days it's more like 3 and some days 4.
- You have officially conquered the 45 minute nap and now take two naps about 1.5 hours long and sometimes still like to have a third cat nap in the evening
- You can roll over both ways
- We are working on sitting up by yourself and you can do it for just a few seconds before squashing forward
- You love to play in your excersaucer and jump in your jumperoo
- You HATE solid food. We are going to have to figure this food thing out buddy. Most things we have tried end in you throwing up all night. You hate the taste of most things too. Although I did let you try a little bit of watermelon last night and you actually liked it! My plan is to wait a month and try again.

You are such a happy, content baby. You love to snuggle, you laugh easily, and you bring so much joy to our family. We love you so much!!!



  1. What a darling little boy! Hope he'll get better about that eating thing soon, but the sleep? Wow! I know you are SO grateful for that!

    1. Thank you! We are hoping so too! and yes! The sleep is so nice!