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My 31st Birthday!

If you've been around me for very long at all, you probably will learn that I LOVE celebrating birthdays..... especially my own! This year was no different, even though we havn't even lived in Mobile for 2 months yet.

This year, I got my present a little early. I have been saving for a little while to buy a DSLR camera. With birthday money, I was able to get it! I am SOO excited! The one I chose is the Canon Rebel SL1. It is very small and light and they now make it in white, which I love because it is so different from the usual black. I don't know how to do anything other than "Auto" and look for natural light, but I'm excited to learn!

Kyle did a fantastic job, per the usual, of planning and really going out of his way to make my day really special. Starting with sleeping in! He got up before the kids woke up so he could go get  Krispy Kreme Donuts. Then, after I nursed Archer in bed, he came and got him for me so I could sleep another hour.

I really really really miss getting to spend my birthday with my sister. It just doesn't seem right to be twins and not see each other on the day we celebrate! Definitely one of the down sides to living so far away. I am thankful I got to talk to her a couple time throughout the day.

After lunch, we took a family drive down to Bienville Square, which is the historic downtown square in Mobile. We went to a favorite candy store called Three George's to get some treats and then we let the kids play in the park around the square. Their favorite part was chasing the birds.

After our drive we came back home for naps. We are in the middle of weaning Archer from the swaddle...yes, at 6 months. It's going great... NOT! Poor buddy just does NOT know what to do with so much movement! If he weren't rolling on his tummy so frequently, I would still have him snug in the woombie, but I just don't want him getting trapped! Definitely not the most fun stage though.

After naps we headed over to my parents house for a BIRTHDAY FIESTA!!!. It was so fun! I told Kyle and my mom that I wanted a burrito bar because I am missing good Mexican food since moving here. Kyle made homemade salsa that I almost drank because it tasted so good to me.

 (ever the poser, LK)

(Kyle making salsa)

(Archer laughing at Papa)

(The threenager)

(Jonathan and Judah)

(Grandpaw and Archer)

(The Burrito Bar Setup)

 (Kyle, Ashley and LK)

(My cake Kyle ordered special for me!)

(Oh yes... there was a pinata!)

(My new friend Mandi and Archer!)

(I used shorts as a blindfold. I now see I looked like a dork).

(Sister sensitive was crying because she was so sad about the idea of tearing up the pinata even though it was full of candy).

It was SUCH a fun day and I am so thankful for everyone who helped make my day extra special! 

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  1. What great photos to commemorate a wonderful day! Happy Birthday, Carrie!

  2. Happy Birthday! It sure looks like you had a lovely day and I'm glad you were able to chat with your twin. I can see why it would seem so strange to be "alone" on your birthday after celebrating it together for so many years growing up. Thanks for linking up to "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party!

  3. Happy birthday, what a fantastic day you had and the photos are a lovely reminder for you. What a great family you have too, you can see the love in the photos. Thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings