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Nine Year Wedding Anniversary

This year for our anniversary we decided to have a date night in. Date night in for us means that we feed the kids "kid food" at our normal family dinner time, put them to bed, and then we eat just the two of us after they are in bed.

Man, can my man grill!!  I would rather have a steak grilled by Kyle Wiley than any other restaurant...hands down!

It is hard to believe it has been nine years already. Sometimes I still feel like I should be in high school wondering what my grown up years would be like. I can say without question, that being married to Kyle exceeds any expectations I ever dreamed of. Marriage is that hardest and richest adventure I've been a part of... what a blessing this man of mine is!!

In church this morning I had the Bible that Kyle proposed to me with. In the cover, he wrote me a poem. I loved reading it this morning and thinking about how we were both dreaming of what married life would be like and how much of our dreams have come true. Even on the hard days, choosing to love each other is always worth it and always brings us closer, not only to each other, but to Jesus.

Take My Hand
by Kyle Wiley

My hear rolls and leaps like thunder
With thoughts of you by my side in life.
My head swims and breath shortens
With thoughts of you as my wife.
My fingers tingle, my chest swells
With thoughts of forever holding your hand.
My arms reach out, my body leans in
With thoughts of where we now stand...
On this threshold of life, I take you alone,
As my lover, my best-friend, my companion, my completion.
So, take my hand, walk with me awhile,
Because it gets so hard to face another mile.
Days become weary without you by my side,
But in your loving arms, there's a sweet place to hide.
The faithful work of two will not be in vain,
And if I start to fall, you'll pick me up again.
If we walk together, you will keep me warm.
Take my hand...
In our Savior's grasp, love has security,
The world cannot break this precious cord of three.
Take my hand....

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  1. Oh, that poem! So, so wonderful! Happy Anniversary to you both and may you have many more years of joy together!