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The Farm {Summer 2015}

My Grandpaw's farm is one of my favorite places to visit in the whole world. It has heritage, and history, and peace, and calm, and love, and adventure. And pranks, but I'm saving that story for a rainy day.

It has been in my family for forever. It is my Grandpaw's childhood home. It is where I learned to fish. It's where I learned about snakes, and arrowheads, and hay lofts and cows. (Ok, so I became mildly obsessed with cows in junior high and started a "cow" collection of all things with cow prints and utters). (Ok. I had a stuffed cow that I slept with every night named Moo-Moo). (Ok. I still have it). (But I gave it to my kids... see? heritage!) (Stop judging me!) (Also, thank you to my friends from Jr. High who are still my friends today and saw me through the cow stage...seriously. Where would I be without you?)

When I was little and we would come for a visit, the kids would wake up VERY early to go help Mr. George feed the calves and the cows and put down hay from the loft. It's one of the places where I learned to love reading and a place where I learned to use my imagination.

You can image how much I love being able to bring my kids to the farm too. The barn is no longer a working barn (There are still cows that another farmer roams on the land that he leases from my Grandpa), but there is still adventure to be found.

We went up last weekend and had a blast! The kids drove the tractor with Papa, had a water balloon fight, we grilled out, and relaxed. Sookie decided she was a farm dog and Grammy and Archer affirmed their love for each other and snuggling.

As it turns out, the Farm is also a great place to practice taking pictures with your new camera...enjoy!

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