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The Question I Get Asked The Most About Having Four Kids

With having four kids, I get asked a lot of questions, get MANY "you've got your hands full" comments (to which I reply in agreement"YES I DO!!!"), and get a few looks here and there. But the question I get asked the very most comes in the conversations with new moms and mom friends who have less than four kids is some variation of:

Which transition was the most difficult?

Y'all. The answer to that question is all of them. I have some friends who would totally disagree with me and tell you that the third or the fourth was a piece of cake. But in my experience, that is just not the case.

When LK was born, the hard part was that she was my first. Every parent experiences this. Everything is new and you have to figure out how to go from being just the two of you to a brand spankin new role as a parent.

With Shepherd, the hard part for me was that while having 1 baby was a lifestyle change to an extent, I was still able to take her places pretty easily and we could still go to friends houses pretty easily and just bring along the pack n play. But with two that is not so easy. I remember feeling TRAPPED in my house for the first time. I had to figure it out.

With Fischer my recovery was so much more difficult because of having a C-Section. So I feel like I had a late start to getting a routine in place. In addition, Fischer's reflux was AWFUL for the first 8 weeks of his life. This is also the first time Kyle and I were outnumbered and we really felt it.

And then this time with Archer, for the first time of all 4, he slept in our room from the get go until he was 5 months old (when we moved). This totally changed everything for us. It was also difficult to be consistent for anything because it always felt like we were on the move and picking Sister up or dropping Brothers off. Those two things made sleep training really difficult.

The most important thing that I have learned through each baby, is that it is so important to see each baby as a completely new and different personality that you have the privilege of getting to know and learning all about. There  are some days that I really really wish there was a cookie cutter mold that after you figure things out the first time, it would just automatically apply to all consecutive kids. Especially when it comes to things like sleep training, potty training, teething, and weaning. But each time you add a baby to a family, you are adding a WHOLE human being. This whole new person with his or her own personality (and in our case his or her own BIG personality).  And my favorite thing about having four kids is getting to see how beautifully unique God made each of them.

Laura Kate with all of her sass, and brains, and beauty.

Shepherd with all of his logic, plans, and jokes.

Fischer with all of his giggles, messes, and daredevil stunts.

And Archer and his snuggles and sweet smiles.

So even though my answer is that each transition has been difficult, I think it has been SO WORTH IT!!! What has your experience been?


  1. Love this! Transitions are so interesting and unique. Adding number three, a foster baby, has been a new experience in its entirety, but feels easier than adding number two. For me, it was more about letting go of number one and the emotional balance of adding another. Many blessings on your sweet family, Tiffany

    1. Thanks for your input! That sounds like it would be a fun adventure!