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Wiley Home Tour: The Playroom

One of my favorite rooms in our home is the Playroom. Traditionally, the room is meant for the formal dining room. It is the first room you see when you enter the house off of the Kitchen. We decided that in this stage of life, it would get better use as a playroom and I do not regret it one bit!!

This room is directly to the right when you walk in the front door. The blue wall color was actually one of the only rooms we didn't have re-painted when we moved in and I am so glad! I think it makes the room look really peaceful!

The World Map is what makes the room for me. It is so important to me that my kids know how big the world is and more importantly how much bigger it is than just our little family world. I like to point to where we are, this tiny little speck on this big giant map. The map is a wall decal that I ordered from off of Etsy. I first saw the map here, on The Journey Of Parenthood blog, and I went with the same company: ZapoArt. It was an adventure to hang and I was really thankful it wasn't my first wall vinyl to hang because I didn't think the instructions were very clear. I am VERY PLEASED with how it turned out though!

Fischer's class (and especially Mrs. Molly!) worked very hard on his alphabet letters that you see hanging on either side of the window.

Several people have asked where I got my rug and I got it here after seeing my friend Amanda's that she also got for her new playroom.  She said she didn't mind if I stole the idea and I certainly don't mind if anyone does either!! It is actually an indoor/outdoor rug, but is surprisingly soft! And if it gets too dirty, **supposedly** you can spray it off with a water hose??? I don't know if I will ever be brave enough to try! 

The door to the right leads to the kitchen. This wall makes a perfect place for my big chalkboard and my toy box that I use for dress-up toys! 

I still have a couple things to work on, like changing out the light fixture and painting stripes on the curtains, but overall, I truly love this room! What do you think?

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  1. Love the room! It's a perfect place for the children to play being in sight/earshot of the kitchen. Enjoy it!

    1. Yes! I am loving having it right by the kitchen... especially for the dinner cooking hour :)

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