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Back To School 2015

I love helping my babies get ready to go back to school. Probably because it is quickly followed by Fall. And let's be real, I have always loved school. I think we learned last week what a big school nerd I was am. We are big in our family about celebrating the changing seasons and I consider "Back To School" a Season.

Alabama schools start TWO WEEKS before Texas schools. The past two years I have been more than ready for school to start and wished it started sooner. This year, I felt like my Summer was robbed. So maybe there should be an in between?? I wouldn't think two weeks would make that much of a difference, but I really feel the difference!

This year Laura Kate started 2nd grade, Shepherd started K4, Fischer started K3, and Archer restarted Mommy's nap schedule boot camp (ha!).

"Meet the teacher" is the first event to get us into the spirit of things. I have highly anticipated meeting the person who will spend so much time with my babies! In addition to school supplies, I always like to bring a teacher gift. This year, I got one of everything off of her wish list and added a few more goodies to the bag. I pulled out my cricut and made a cute apple card and hand-wrote a note to LK's new teacher.

We had a cookout with Grammy and Papa on Sunday night before the week school started. I love living close to them and being able to celebrate fun things like this with them.

(A few things to note in this picture: 1. Shepherd's face. 2. LK's monster hands 3. I think my mom would like me to point out that she is drinking a ROOT BEER 4. Thank you Papa and Fischer for smiling)

Laura Kate's big day came first. The bros are always a little sad when our spunky Queen Bee heads off to school. As much as they argue, they really do love each other.

The public schools here wear uniforms, which is really a stretch for my little fashionista who really likes to express herself through her wardrobe. However, I think if anyone can make a school uniform look cute, she can!

Didn't my wreath turn out cute? I followed along with this tutorial and tweaked it a little to make it my own! 

And finally, my sweet boys started back to Preschool two days a week. They were so excited and love their new school! I couldn't find my chalkboard pens this morning so we had to settle with the printed signs.

We have gotten off to a good start on the school front here! Looking forward to a great year!

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  1. Here in Georgia, school started August 3rd! Talk about shortening summer! Hope your children have a blessed school year, Carrie.