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Dear Archer (8 Months)

Dear Archer,

Sweet thing, I am head over heels for you. Truly. Archer, you have the sweetest spirit and I am absolutely loving being your Mommy. The Lord has been so GRACIOUS to us to give us the sweetest moments together and "cherish" is the closest word I can find to how I feel about every second I get with you. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, too. Every single member of our family thinks you hung the moon. You get more kisses than anyone has ever gotten in the history of the world because your cheeks just BEG for kisses.

This month you:

- weight right at 22 POUNDS (TWENTY-TWO POUNDS), are really tall
- wear size 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers. I don't know what size shoes you wear because you've never worn shoes (I know. I know. Fourth baby problems)
- I'm not in a good place to talk about your sleeping (or lack there of) right now.
-We are SLOWLY SLOWLY SLOWLY getting the hang of eating solid food. You love watermelon, mum mums, green beans and carrots (when cooked with Grammy's roast) (But I mean, who doesn't love Grammy's roast ???), grits (but not oatmeal or rice cereal), bread, plums, pears, and eggs. You like to chew on but are not quite eating broccoli, squash, and apples. You started having an allergic reaction to bananas which is a big bummer. This time I wasn't quite as shocked as I was when Fischer started reacting.
- You are sitting very well, but not quite crawling. You are SO FRUSTRATED that you can't crawl.
- No teeth yet, but maybe soon.
- You love your jumperoo but are over the excersaucer
- You love baths.
- You giggle easily and are fascinated by your siblings
- You growl (like Fischer) and say "hi!" and "dadadadadadadada"
- You love to blow raspberries
- You grab everything in sight including daddy's glasses, grammy's white serving dish, Sookie's hair, Mommy' hair, Mommy's jewelry, Fischer's face (when he gets close enough), and laundry baskets full of clothes that you dump out like a helper.

Little one, you are so very very loved and we all love watching you grow!

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