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Dear Fischer (3 Years)

Dear Fischer,

It's hard to believe you are three years old. It seems like just yesterday you were born. I think you and I will always have a special bond because of the crazy day of your birthday.

Right now, you are this little hurricane of a human who is just blowing through life, making messes everywhere you barely glance or breathe. While this may not be the easiest season in parenting you, I am still able to see so much of the boy (and one day man!) you are becoming. You are bold, you are curious, you are tender-hearted, and you are so funny! You love to sing and dance, and are quick to smile and laugh. You, sweet third-born of mine, are SO PRECIOUS to me and I am overwhelmingly blessed at being your Mommy.

At three years old, you:

- ARE FULLY POTTY TRAINED!!! Glory Hallelujah Praise the Lord!!! All-in-all you caught on pretty quickly. You were night trained before day trained, but you eventually caught on. You love to change your underwear a thousand times a day.

-Wear size 3T and size 7 shoes

-Sleep 12 hours a night and take a 2-3 hour afternoon nap. Sometimes you wake at night with bad dreams or when your feet hurt from growing pains.

- You are an excellent eater. You eat most veggies, ALL THE FRUIT, and some meat. Also, you and bread/carbs are BFFs. Your main problem is taking the time to eat. Often you will clean up after your siblings who do not eat as well as you.

- You love anything that makes a mess: food, markers, crayons, cups of liquid, spray paint, toothpaste, toilet paper, toilet water...nothing is beyond your reach... the sky is the limit my friend.

- You want so badly to be as big as Shepherd, and honestly sometimes I forget you are not as big as him. You are still a little guy and still need a little more direction that your big bro.

-You have fully discovered your baby brother and embraced your big brother role. You love to pat him on his tummy, squish his cheeks together (face palm), and talk sweetly to him.

- You love Laura Kate and ask about her whenever she is at school

- You love to read books and know all of your ABCs (upper and lower case)

This year was an "on" year for your birthday party. (Odd years are party years, Even years are just family). I am so thankful that even though we just moved here, we were able to have new friends at your party! You requested a Mickey Mouse Birthday party and I was happy to oblige.

We love you so much, Fischer! Happy Birthday!

Love, Mommy

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