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Dear Shepherd (4 Years)

Dear Shepherd,

We did it. We survived the threenage year. There were many times that I didn't think we would, but here we are on the other side of it. It is hard to believe that my little squishy moose is already four years old. You are delighting me in many ways in how you are maturing. One of my favorite things is how sweet you are with babies, especially Baby Archer. You adore him and he adores you. I think your jokes are so funny and you make me laugh all the time. You are handsome and those brown eyes of yours suck me in every time I see them. I love you more than I know how to say and I can't wait to see all that this year hold for you!

At four years old, you:

- Weigh 38lbs, 6oz (67%) and are 41.5in tall(71%)
- Wear size 4T and size 10 shoes... when you wear them. You hate wearing clothes and would live in your underwear if I let you.
- You are a decent sleeper now. Sometimes you talk in your sleep. Sometimes you have bad dreams.
- You are a terribly picky eater. I have better success when I make homemade, from scratch meals.
- You are very good at puzzles and other things that use logic.
- You are a gatherer and collector. Throughout the day you like to collect things that are special to you and you guard these items very closely.
- You think the color orange belongs to you. Everything that is orange you believe deep deep down in your heart that it should be yours.
- While you have your sweet moments with me, I still don't hold a candle to your daddy. You love him fiercely and he is by far your favorite person.
- While you fight with him continually, you cannot stand to be very far away from Fischer
- You and LK have developed quite a friendship. I love watching you play together
- You like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Paw Patrol, and Octonauts

This year was an "off-year" for your party. That means we just had a family party. You requested an Octonauts Party. We were in Mobile visiting Grammy and Papa and looking for houses during your birthday, so we had the party at their house! Aunt Deb, Uncle Tommy, Cousin Ashley, Jonathan and Judah came so we really did get to have a decent party even on your off year! It was really fun! Your favorite present was your giant fish pillow!

I love you sweet boy and am so very thankful God gave you to me!


  1. What a cute, sweet boy! My granddaughter just turned five and her favorite color is orange, too! :)

  2. Shepherd's face when he opened the Octonauts toys is priceless.