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Fun Jen Came To Visit

Fun Jen.

She is most definitely one of the things we miss the most about Texas. She is so much more than a friend and we consider her a member of our family. I was sooooo glad she was able to come visit us for Fischer's Birthday week! 

I didn't tell the kids she was coming so it could be a BIG SURPRISE. And it was!

We did a lot of fun things while she was in town, but my favorite was just hanging out like normal friends who live in the same town do.

We went across the Bay so Jen could see the water while she was here and I told her all about how much I love the water and how peaceful it is for me.

I am so glad she came to visit and I already can't wait for the next time! 


  1. Great photos and wonderful memories! Happy Birthday to the little guy, too!

  2. I can't help but take a crazy selfie when a camera is unattended. You're welcome!