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{Sasster Time}: When I Learned To Swing

(Laura Kate asked me last week if she could have her own blog. She said she had things she needed to write about. I told her I would make a space just for her for her on my blog. My only request was that she write something real that happened -- non-fiction. The first story she gave me she told me was "non-fiction about her pretend family" (yes she has an imaginary family that is not us). So I asked her to try again... (Before the riot emails come, don't worry, I posted the almost non-fiction (NOT!) story at the bottom of the post). LK asked me to type it out for her so I have typed it exactly as she wrote it. I also included an image of her original. Enjoy!) 

(photo cred: Fun Jen)

When I Learned Too Swing

In Mckinney, Texas, I learnd to|swing!

Mommy and Daddy were coming

home from Harrry Potter

World. Ms. Fun Jen, our baby sitter,

was|staying with us! We're on the swing-

set. I was going to higher as I

kicked my legs. I learnd to swing! When

Mommy and Daddy got home

late, I showed them that I

I could swing all by myself!

What a|great day!

(Here is her first "non-fiction about her pretend family" story. I feel like I should also give you a heads up that Laura Kate is FASCINATED with medical things and anytime she reads or hears about anything doctor/hospital/medically related, she stores it away in her "doctor folder" in her brain. A lot of the stories she writes about include some sort of medical story-line. She has done this since she was two and would watch Doc McStuffins and then play "Hospital" with her babies by lining all of her stuffed animals up down the hall with blankets and taking care of them all. )

Ella in Generation

One minute, Ella, my big sis,

Lexi's daughter, is home. The next, 

she's in the  New Generation 

hospital here in Mobile It all 

started when Lexi, Jacob, her 

husband, ten-year-old Carrie, four-year-

old Ella her twin bro, Carlos, and their 

one-year-old girl, Cina, came to my 

house. Ella had the flu. Anyway, 

a heart problem and blood cancer 

were already there too. Lexi had already told me 

Ella had to go to Generation. 

So I made her a "Recovery Kit." 

It has: 1 cutie patootie hospital 

dress, 1 set of cutie patootie 

hospital pjs, and best of all, a demesticated 

puppy! I hope she likes the kit! 

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