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Siete: Our Pet {wait for it} Spider

Can we talk about these Alabama bugs for a minute.


You know that feeling you get when it feels like a bug is crawling on you, but you look down and your hair just brushed your arm? Well here, a bug really is crawling on you. THEY.ARE. EVERYWHERE. All kinds.

Including spiders.

The most common spider in our yard is a garden spider. WHO EATS THE BUGS. And doesn't really hurt us humans unless really provoked.

So let me introduce you to Siete.

She is a female garden spider with seven legs (get it?).

She built her web right outside our kitchen window, behind a bush in our front yard.

And we have an understanding. She kills the bugs and she gets to no die.

She provides GREAT entertainment and learning opportunities for the Scouts.

And she stays outside eating the bugs.

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