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Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center

I love getting to take my kids fun places so when we moved here I started looking up fun things to do. The Exploreum is where I remember my Grandmother taking me when we came to visit, so I've been really excited to take my kids there.

The Exploreum is a Science Museum in downtown that has a couple different parts to it. It has an Imax theater, a hands on room, and several exhibits.

The hands-on room has so many cool experiments and things for kids to play with and learn. All Science related. Then, they also have a really neat play area in the back for kids 5 and under.

Also, right now, they have a seasonal exhibit about Chocolate! It was WAAAAY over the boys heads, but I enjoyed it. I would have enjoyed it more if they had given away free samples. (On our honeymoon, Kyle and I toured the Nestle factory in Switzerland and got MANY free samples.)

We made plans with our neighbor and we had a blast! The boys favorite things were "driving" the ship, the legos, and the giant light bright. Archer even had fun playing in the crawler area "driving" his little ship :). I can't wait to go back and take Laura Kate and Kyle with us!

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