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Laura Kate the Pianist

God has made this brilliant, gifted, unique little person with a bold yet sensitive heart who dances her way through life (to the beat of her own drum), who is continually bursting with creativity and imagination, and he chose ME to be her Mom. 

I wont lie. The task is daunting some days and keeps me on my toes. 

She is constantly pushing "the norm" boundaries and continually asks why we do things a certain way (most of the time so she can create a new way to do it, just for fun).  I wonder daily if she is bored or is being challenged enough. Kyle and I are always seeking new ideas that will challenge her special mind, that will still allow her the space she needs to create, and yet learn discipline that is needed and important for her as she navigates her way through life. 

I think music is so very important for brain development, and I was so excited for the opportunity for her to start learning the piano. It kind of fits the bill for the above list and... she LOVES it. 

We started her lessons at the end of August. She, not surprisingly, caught on very quickly and has continued to love it! 

We are still working on the discipline of practicing every day. Most of the time, she practices her own "original pieces" as much as she does what her assignment is for the week. 

A friend posted this on Facebook last week and I love how it outlines the benefits of piano. 

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