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Wiley Home Tour: The Family Room

I love my new home so much... and it's really hard to pick a favorite room. So I can't say with certainty that this room is my favorite, but it's definitely one of them!! Regardless of that, it is definitely the room we spend the most time in.

My goals for this room, and really our whole house, is that it be a warm, bright place, that looks like us and is something we actually live in. 

Since taking this picture, I've (finally) updated my square pictures of the scouts. 

I love having unique pieces in my home and this one is so very special to me. It is one a of the treasures I discovered in the barn at the farm. My Grandpaw told me that it was my Great-Grandparents dresser mirror frame. The glass has been long gone and somewhere along the way, it has been stripped of its original paint or stain but I love the raw wood. In our Texas house, I used this as a headboard for LK's bed, but I knew it would look fabulous on a mantle as a frame. 

This wreath was my first ever Pinterest project SIX years ago!!! Here's the link to the tutorial I used

To the right of the mantle is where I keep my couch and the window and door that lead to the back yard. The couch was one of my splurges when we sold our Texas house.  Yes, it is light colored. Yes, it get stains. (hello, Fischer!). But I still think its worth it for this couch. Think about how much life happens on the couch from snuggling babies, to naps (ahem Sookie), to movie watching, to late-night conversations. It was worth it to get a durable, wonderfully comfortable, beautiful couch. 

My curtains... prepare yourself. I found curtains in this exact Ikat print on Ebay for a reasonable price but waaaaaaaay more than I was willing to pay for them. But I fell in love with the print and it was exactly what I wanted. So I found another Etsy seller who sold the same fabric. And yall, even though I could have sewn a hem... I didn't. I just clipped up raw fabric with curtain clips and there you have it. The nester said I could in her book (one of my all-time favorites) (seriously, if you havn't read it, you should). 

Turning right again and you have the view from the TV, into the kitchen. Our chairs. Respectably. Mine is just the one I've been rockin these babies in for the past 7 and half years. Kyle's was our steal we found at Goodwill for $30.

The grace sign was the sign I painted for my mantle in 2014 when my word for the year was grace. I still need that continual reminder.

Something about a crammed-full, double stacked bookshelf makes me feel rich. I havn't read every book on the shelf, but I have smelled most of them. You can see my handy assistant swinging there in the doorway. Since taking this picture he has outgrown the jumper (sniff sniff) but boy was he picking up some air. 

 And finally, here's a picture of the ceiling. I wanted to include this because the chapel ceiling makes the room feel really big and that's hard to show with just the pictures of the walls.

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  1. What a beautiful and family-friendly room you've created. Love it! :)

  2. So impressed your paper wreath made it through the move unscathed! Love you and love the house!

    1. Man, I stressed about it for weeks... and then I found just the perfect size box and miraculously it survived!!! Love you too... so good to see you on Sunday! Praying for that baby!! Almost time!!