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All The Questions I Was Asked Before Naptime

I decided to try and keep track of all the questions I was asked in one day. BECAUSE THIS IS MY LIFE. I lasted till naptime when I curled in the fetal position and cried "make it stop! make it stop!"

You wake Mommy?

Can I have a drink?

Where's my pen?

Will you put Elizabeth's hair in a pony tail?

Can I not wear a bow today?

Can I have a snack?

Can I have a treat?

Can Fischer come with me for room time?

Where's iPad?

Can I have candy?

Where's my drink?

Where's sister?

Archer asleep?

Can you help me?

What's that smell?


Why are you wearing that shirt?

Why are we going to the store?

Why do we have to get groceries?

Can we get a prize?

Can you help me get not stuck?

When are we leaving?

Can we go now?

How old is Daddy?

How do you make a 32?

How old are you?

How do you make a 31?

Is this me?

Is that a 1?

I am 3?

Did you tear it?

Are you done?

Can you help me?

What are you doing?

What is this?

Can I walk?

Why? Do we need this?

What's an apple core-ER?

What's that noise?

Where are we?

Do you like that?

Can we get that?

Baby Archer need that?

We need milk?

What is it?

Can we get some orange juice?

2 Orange Juice?

Is that orange juice?

Is that orange?

You like queso?

What is queso?

Fischer you like this?

Are those potatoes?


Is that all the things we need?

What are these?

What's a slim Jim?

Is this a slim Jim?

Can we have this?

Can we have pretzels ?

What can we eat?

Can I have some of those chips?

Can I hold the chips?

Can I hold the apples?

Can you open that gate?

Can we eat that?

Can we go?

That white gate?

Can you buckle me?

Can I go potty?

What's that?

Can we eat now?

Can I have chips?

What's the red thing in there?

Can I have ketchup?

Can I have orange juice?

After I eat my chips can I have more chips?

Guess what?

Can I see my picture?

What is it?

Can I have a hot dog?

Can I please have some hot sauce?

What is it?

What's this?

What's this?

Hey This pears?

Does this have pears?

Is this a pear?

Is this a pineapple?

Now how many do I have to eat?

5 more?

Can I sleep with Fischer?

Can I have reading time?

I awake Mommy?

I go potty Mommy?

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