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25 Ways To Bond With Your Kids That Don't Involve Play

One thing I love about Emily from The Journey of Parenthood blog is how real and honest she is about life as a parent. It makes her extremely relatable. I love this post from her today because I think as adults relating to children, it can be awkward at times, even when it's just playing.

Emily says: "When I try to get down and play I feel silly and awkward and just tend not to fully enjoy myself or the moment. I catch myself thinking of all the things I "should be doing" and am left feeling even more guilty than I do when I just don't play with toys at all. I'm awesome at setting up things for my kids to enjoy but am less awesome at being IN the moment with them!"

I feel similarly about being great at coming up with ideas and setting them up for them, but not so great at engaging in the moment with them. 

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