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Homemade Toys

Today for the BFBN Week, Kimberly from Team Cartwright is giving us a whole post FULL of great ideas for homemade toys... right up my alley.

She says: "I love being able to fashion toys out of items around the house.  Honestly, kids love to play with the 'real thing' sometimes more than their toys.   I think it inspires creativity and allows me to save some money. If they break or get worn out, I don't really care.  Most are easily replaceable.  A final plus is it allows me to be more creative when we are out and about.  Every so often we find ourselves out somewhere with nothing for Ben to play with.  Being able to scrounge up something safe and fun can be a lifesaver. "

Read all of her ideas here: Homemade Toys. 

Check in with all the ladies in the network for more ideas and valuable resources for play! 

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