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Dear Archer (One Year)

Sweet Boy,

It is so hard to believe you are already a year old. Where has the time gone? It is such a bittersweet thing, you growing older. I have watched you grow before my very eyes and one minute I am amazed and loving seeing you explore and learn all the things, and the next minute I am teary eyed and sad, grieving the loss of you as a tiny baby.

You have such a special personality and I love to think that the Lord was saving it for me because you are my last. You love to snuggle, and you give me these grins at just the right moments that completely melt my heart.

You are so happy and content. You find so much delight in our family and you bring so much joy to anyone in the same room as you.

-You weigh 23.3 lbs and are 30 inches long

-You wear size 5 diapers and size 12-18month clothes, and size 3 shoes

- You are eating so much better. You definitely have the hang of solids, although you are picky about what you like. Bananas are by far your favorite food. You dance in your high chair whenever you see me getting one out for you.

-You are completely weaned. You are doing great with your sippy cup though and we have you drinking soy milk since you are showing sensitivity to dairy.

- You are still not pulling up yet, but have successfully learned to sit up by yourself as well as army crawl. We are working with Early Intervention services and an OT and PT to work on the low muscle tone in your arms and build up some strength. You are showing great progress!

- You got some fun new light up toys for Christmas and you are loving all the buttons and sounds.

- You seem to have a special relationship with each of your siblings and you continue to watch their play and laugh at them.

-You have a special affinity for the button on Mommy's surge protecter and LOOOOOVE turning everything off.

- You are sleeping some nights all night, but some nights are waking up. We have had a long stretch of sickness, traveling, teething, holiday schedules, and now ear infection that have greatly affected your (our) night time sleep. We are working very hard to get you back to a place of sleeping all night.

-You take two, two hour naps every day and sleep beautifully.

- You love to babble and talk and sing! You can say a few words: Daddy, Hi, Hi There!, nana, Mama,  Gaga, all done, and light.

- We ended up having to have a small family-only party for you this year due to sickness! Boo!! You still loved your cake though!

We are so in love with you Archer Leigh, and are so thankful God gave you to our family! Happy First Birthday!


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