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Mardi Gras 2016

This was our first year to celebrate Mardi Gras! I have to admit going into this season as a newbie to Mobile, my attitude was along the lines of "What's the big deal?". But yall, it's a big deal here in the south. I have learned that Mardi Gras actually originated in Mobile (not New Orleans) and the people here take GREAT PRIDE in this tradition. 

Remember back to when we started school so much earlier than we were used to in Texas??? That's because they have to make up for a whole week off of school in February for Mardi Gras. I really enjoyed the week off with my kids!

I expected the parades to be a glorified homecoming parade. WOW is all I can say. I was so wrong. There are many parades leading up to the week of Mardi Gras, and that week there are many parades each day! It's so crazy!

For our first parade we were so spoiled! We were invited by some sweet friends at our church to come and hang out with them for the parade. Laurie works in a building downtown so we ate pizza and king cake before taking the elevator down just as the parade started. We didn't have to wait in the cold and wind, could hang out with friends, and yall, we had a blast!! 

The parade itself was amazing. I was literally floored by how big and elaborate the floats were. They threw beads, candy, stuffed animals, glow necklaces, and Kyle's favorite snack cake ever: MOON PIES! 

The weekend before the Mardi Gras school break, Fun Jen came to visit! I was so glad she got to go to a parade with us! It was actually much colder than even the night parade. But there was chicken on a stick. Yum! The day parades were definitely more geared towards children and the floats weren't as elaborate as the night parade we went to. We still had a lot of fun and I'm so glad we went.

Can't wait for next year!!


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