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5 Year Old Bug Birthday!

Shepherd is so into bugs right now that it was so easy to choose the "Bug" theme for his 5th Birthday party! This party was so much fun to put together... I really enjoyed it!

I had this vision of making a banner that looked like the inside of an ant hill. I bought a roll of brown wrapping paper and went to work with a Sharpie. It says: "The ants go marching five by five, hoorah! hoorah!" and each of the little ants are carrying a number 5 down to the big party chamber where there is a big pile of number fives! I hung up the banner in the entryway when people walked into the party!

I like to have a birthday banner with pictures of the birthday boy from the year. I found the felt banner on the DOLLAR AISLE at Target. One of my favorite finds because it is reusable!

For Christmas, Shepherd got the bug counting cards as a gift. They are awesome and looked great to decorate the bookshelf and outside!

I set our outdoor farm table with the favors/craft boxes. I found the boxes here: Oriental Trading Bug Box Craft and Favor . They turned out to be a big hit! I really liked that they served as a craft and a favor, and my kids used them till they fell apart!

The food was so fun to put together... gosh I love a good theme!

Shepherd's favorite meal is Carrie's Chicken, easy enough to serve as "Butterfly Pasta"!

Cassie and Ashley helped me get the cake in order. I made little chocolate bugs just using melting chocolate and squeezing them onto wax paper in the shape of ants and bugs. I used a box cake mix (yeah, it was so yummy), and then I iced the cake green. THEN, I literally took two forks and dug out a hole in the corner of the cake to look like a dirt pile. Add some crushed up cookies and gummy worms... voila! a wonderful bug cake! 

(also a shout out to Aunt Deb for winning the hearts of children her whole life.... and helping love on them while Mommy is busy with the other offspring :) 

It was such a fun party! I'm so glad for the chance to celebrate my big boy! 

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