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Cousin Day At The Farm

EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeek!! My sister and sister-in-law brought my nephews all the way from West Texas to come visit for their spring break! They went to the farm first and we met them up there for a full day of farm fun!

I have so many memories sitting around the kitchen table at the farm with my own cousins, that it is really special to get to watch my kids do the same thing.

Grammy brought prizes of bubbles and cap guns!

Cassie found this hollowed out tree at the top of the pasture and thought it would be a great picture place for the kids. But my kids were too scared to get inside, so Cassie and I got inside first to show them there were no bugs and nothing to be scared of. (You're welcome for these.)

We finally talked them into it. (Literally... ha!) (Archer was napping when we took these!)

We piled in the back of Papa's truck to go on an adventure... another memory passed down.

The kids found bones in the pasture from a dead animal. The Mamas gagged and pinched their nosed closed.

We went to the creek and the kids threw rocks in it and watched it.

Later that evening, the cows were up close to the house so we fed them some apples.

Archer was awake but didn't want to share his apple.

Eight Wood Grandchildren in birth order.

And finally my sweet Archer bear since he didn't get one earlier.

Such a fun day! I love sharing these memories with my babies!

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